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Winter Round at Atlaworld

Happy Holidays

Thanks everyone who have joined me over at atlaworld at dreamwidth. I hope more will give me a chance to redeem myself from my extended absence I did in 2012.
The community is visible to all since I do want to allow people who played here at lj a chance to play there without creating an account. (People are more than welcome to observe to see if they wish to rejoin us over at dreamwidth atlaworld)

Previous members have until January 3rd to move to be on same team without reapplying. (Reapply if you like to move to another team)
(PM here or at DW - reply to this post or roster at DW if remaining on same team)

I hope everyone has a great holiday season I will be making update here on 27th when challenges are posted. As well when I post a new challenge I will make sure I update once a new challenge is posted over on new community at least for the winter2012/2013 round.

I wasn't sure when I should start winter round - determine to do it on 27th with a light first week. We will not having graphic or writing challenge until after new year. I thought it would give us some more time to gather new recruits.

I will be adding people soon to teams I needed to a friend to help me get some of the teams as well as social community so will try to take care of that no later than 26th.

I also have a FAQ section added please feel free to ask questions you have there.


Dec 27
Promoting! People can get credit for promotions before 27th if people want to begin - 5 points per site credit up to 4 sites (20 points)
WOAP - 7 works based on character/pairing/group.

Dec 28:
Character Stamping - its fun, fairly easy social event to get to know each other. I will have it going for three weeks

Dec 31:
Random luck game

weekly round up

Round-up for atlaworld

Thanks everyone who took part in challenges this week. I will get results for speechless fic tonight or tomorrow. We did not have enough entries for voting so participants are welcome to share fics now.

Challenges due this week:

Challenge 8 - Water Tribe Usernames - give usernames for the character listed - 5 points per name. additional points for voting/placement. Deadline January 14th 1159 pm eastern time

Challenge 1 - Promoting - Earn up to 25 points for recruitment advertisements throughout the web. Deadline January 17th Midnight Eastern Time

Challenge 3 Character Stamping - Earn up to 60 points by filling out form and stamping other people Deadline January 18th Midnight Eastern Time

Challenge 7 - Headers  - create headers for atlaworld. 30 points per header up to two headers. Deadline January 17th Midnight Eastern Time

Challenges Due in January
Challenge 6 - Mystery Fic Part 2 (writing) - Earn 25 points per fic you write based off two sets of character you picked. If you missed sign-up deadline you can still get characters but they need to be random so comment to this thread. Deadline January 23rd 1159 pm Eastern Time

Challenge 9 - Bad Guys Puzzles - 3 puzzles to complete - one sudoku and two jigsaw - 15 points per puzzle + 15 point bonus for those who complete all three. Deadline January 25th 1159 pm eastern time

Challenges Due in February
Challenge 2 - Seven Works (WAOP) - Earn up to 200 points creating fanworks on character/pairing/group you choose. Deadline February 21 - Midnight Pacific Time

Feel Free to join the non-point Chat Chat Chat post in jasminedragon.
atlaland mod


atlaworld first challenge ends tonight.

Thanks everyone who has moved over to the new atlaland at dw. I would still love to see more returning people. I like to remind people that I have open id available (which you can get with lj account) for people who do not have a dw username. 

The period for returning people to remain on same team is over so everyone who decides to join now will need to apply for a team. People can play in challenges after they complete application even if I haven't placed you on a team yet.

Would love to see more EK folks, just hit the balance cap closing WT until we get one more EK.

I hope everyone having a great new year.

I will be doing round ups on Sat since there seem to be enough returning members interested in that right now.

Atlaworld update

Posted recruitment and WAOP challenge today over at atlaworld on dreamwidth

People can check out events at this post

candream as also made a feed for lj peeps -atlaworld

Reminder any member from here can stay on same team if they join us over at dw before 3rd of january - posts are visible to all so lj user should be able to play without dw account.
Long Feng

Reviving atlaland

Hey everyone I really want to revive atlaland. My main reason I absolutely adored many of the fanworks that came from atlaland and I have regained my ambition to run the community again. I apologize for me for abandoning atlaland for a bit.

There will be a few changes that I will be making.

I will be moving the community over the dreamwidth since lately livejournal been a pain in the butt for me lately. I believe there is a way for non-dreamwidth members to comment at posts there. Also it is no longer requires a code to get a dreamwidth account.

The community over at dreamwidth name is atlaworld - I thought name change will be a fresh start. Teams names will remain the same (Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Water Tribe)

Instead of a million and one separate communities for each type of challenge people will only need to be in one. I will have set days for each type of challenge. Monday/Friday - games, wednesday - graphics, thursday - writing.

separate community for social non challenge fun

Will be alternating one and two week challenges graphic/writing challenges.

Going to go back to the beginning and omit extra points for sigtag/team icons

There will also be no more bingo games - There was a lot of debate on how fair they were also I have less time now since Baby Michael is around.

There will be recruitment bonus still (double during promotion time like we had)

I will be posting more details on everyone at dw community

If you are interested in reviving this community over at dreamwidth - come join me over at atlaworld Anyone interested in joining can also toss a message here with account at dw (if there)/team/or if you are going to use lj account let me know.

I am LadyJamieLynne at dreamwidth.
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Mod Note: Monkey Feathers!

Dear Atlaland-ers!

I would like to apologize for my disappearance once again. I have been dealing with some serious personal problems, and so I fled from LJ for a little bit.

However, I am back and will have everything on the community updated by the time I sleep tonight. For the time being, consider that all challenges that I have not officially closed as OPEN and feel free to participate.

I hope you all are well, and once again, my sincerest apologies.

Be on the lookout for challenge updates!
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Mod Note: Members Cut

To give everyone a heads up, I cut a bunch of member's today, and will do more within the next week. You were cut if you have not participated at all this round or if you let me know that you would not be able to participate.

If you cannot see THIS entry, you have been cut.

If you feel that you have been cut by mistake, please PM me.

Members: As a heads up, the team points indicated on the spreadsheet are points from members who have been cut.
Evil Plot

Application Form

Welcome to ATLA Land, the interactive Avatar: The Last Airbender community!

                          We are currently accepting applications!

I'm sure several of you are ready and waiting to join this community and start participating in the games and challenges! But first, like all of these types of communities, you must read the rules and fill out an application. Please read everything before posting your application! Thanks!

Collapse )
1. We accept all people regardless how new account is. You must know how to use LiveJournal to be a member here. This community will probably take some getting used to for even the most adept LJ veterans, let alone new members.

2. People need to participate once a month

3. Please at least be semi-literate. Chatspeak and other similar things to it are very annoying and can sometimes be misunderstood, or not understood at all. Make an attempt to be understood.

4. Spam is not tolerated at these communities. For the main communities (atlaland, atla_jazzdragon, etc.) entries will only be made by myself and other moderators. For the team communities entries are allowed by any member of the community, and for atlacactusjuice entries can be made but must be approved by a moderator. When you make a post at your team comm or in The Cactus Juice Bar please use your judgment on whether or not it is spam.

5. Please treat each other with respect! Look, I know how many problems there can be in this fandom. We have a huge shipping war going on, and I don't see that ending anytime soon. However, this community isn't necessarily for shipping (though it'll undoubtedly be included). It's meant to be for the show in general--the lands, the characters, the story. Please do not bash any of your fellow members, on your own team or on others. Competition is encouraged. Hostility is not.

6. Please do not bash characters in your entries or anywhere. It's okay not to like characters, but please respect those who may like them by trying to remain indifferent to them rather than hateful.

7. Just have fun! This is meant to be for fun and should not be overly stressful. If you find yourself getting stressed out because there are too many contests, just don't do everything. Sometimes a lot will be going on--nobody's going to blame you if you can't keep up with it all.

Rules for filling out an application:

Collapse )

2. As stated in the rules, your LJ should be 1 month old. If you have created a new journal than we might make an exception, but you must show signs of being able to navigate LiveJournal.

3. When you are placed in your team and accepted to the comm you will be invited to join both this comm and your team comm. Please accept your invitations here!

4. Please, please, please don't just skip the rules and come here. Rules are important. Go back and read them if you haven't already.

Okay! The application!

Team Status: A team will close for new applicants if member is over 3 members the team with the least members
Air Nomads - Open
Earth Kingdom - Open
Fire Nation - Open
Water Tribe - Open

We are currently in need of Fire Nation members since our cap of two members been reached. If you are interested in joining atlaland but do not want to be on Fire Nation you are still welcome to apply for other teams but you will not be placed until we get more Fire Nation members.

Participation is imperative in this community. You can't just sit idly on a team and watch the competition. You have to be a part of it.

Post your applications here!
Dr. Horrible; comic wall

So, I fail.

Okay, you guys deserve an apology. A big, huge one and I don't think I even have enough words that would completely fulfill what I need to say here, but I'm going to try to give an explanation because you at least deserve that even if I don't have the words to say 'I'm sorry.'

So, the real reason this community died? Partially because it was getting too much for me to handle, yes, but the main reason is even more stupid than that. It's all because I couldn't finish my giftee's gift for Christmas, and I kept putting off everything as I tried to finish that. So, even moreso than everybody else, I apologise to the people of the Christmas gift exchange and especially to sableambiguity because I am completely incompetent and you deserved a better gift-giver than myself. I'm sorry I could never finish anything. And I apologise doubly to everybody who pitched in last minute for those who didn't have many gifts or any at all, because you guys went above and beyond the call of duty and here I am, somebody who's supposed to be in charge and leading the way for the community, and I couldn't even get one thing done.

That said, I'm going to go unlock the gifts as soon as I post this and if I could ask just one small favour of the people here after all I, well, haven't done -- go shower Sable in gifts, because she deserves it. I wish I could've made this post ages ago instead of today so that all of these Christmas gifts weren't 6 months late.

So here's what I'm going to do for the comm: I'm going to reboot everything. If you're a moderator for a team, I'm going to temporarily kick you out of the position so that I can give the new owner(s) of this comm a fresh start. However, I will put your names at the end of this post (well, two of them won't be because they were never active) so that whoever does start this again knows who was in the position previously. I'm going to kick out all of my co-mods, who never really did anything anyway (not that that's their fault, I never asked them for any help even when I should have).

I am going to ask somebody, or some people, to take over the position I failed to uphold and get this community back on its feet. AtLA is a great show, and with a movie coming out there is so much that could be done with this community. I hope whoever takes control after me will do a much better job at maintaining this place than I did -- not that that would be hard to do.

You people are fantastic. I had a hell of a time running this comm in the beginning, and that's mostly because you guys did brilliant things. I am so sorry that I let you all down as badly as I did.

I also want to apologise to the people I avoided when they contacted me -- I'm a coward. It has to be said. I don't like confrontation, and when it stares me in the face I turn tail and run away. You deserved better than that, and I'm so incredibly sorry that it took me this long to say anything to you, and I still can't say it to your faces -- or, well, the internet equivalent of your faces.

I think that's it. Here is the list of moderators for communities that I'm going to de-mod, but whoever takes over should know that they all did a wonderful job when the community was running. Dunno if they're still around, but here they are:

Earth Kingdom

Fire Nation

Air Nomads

Water Tribe

Now I'm off to unlock those gifts and de-mod. Please, anybody willing to take over, post here.