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Application Form

Welcome to ATLA Land, the interactive Avatar: The Last Airbender community!

                          We are currently accepting applications!

I'm sure several of you are ready and waiting to join this community and start participating in the games and challenges! But first, like all of these types of communities, you must read the rules and fill out an application. Please read everything before posting your application! Thanks!

1. We accept all people regardless how new account is. You must know how to use LiveJournal to be a member here. This community will probably take some getting used to for even the most adept LJ veterans, let alone new members.

2. People need to participate once a month

3. Please at least be semi-literate. Chatspeak and other similar things to it are very annoying and can sometimes be misunderstood, or not understood at all. Make an attempt to be understood.

4. Spam is not tolerated at these communities. For the main communities (atlaland, atla_jazzdragon, etc.) entries will only be made by myself and other moderators. For the team communities entries are allowed by any member of the community, and for atlacactusjuice entries can be made but must be approved by a moderator. When you make a post at your team comm or in The Cactus Juice Bar please use your judgment on whether or not it is spam.

5. Please treat each other with respect! Look, I know how many problems there can be in this fandom. We have a huge shipping war going on, and I don't see that ending anytime soon. However, this community isn't necessarily for shipping (though it'll undoubtedly be included). It's meant to be for the show in general--the lands, the characters, the story. Please do not bash any of your fellow members, on your own team or on others. Competition is encouraged. Hostility is not.

6. Please do not bash characters in your entries or anywhere. It's okay not to like characters, but please respect those who may like them by trying to remain indifferent to them rather than hateful.

7. Just have fun! This is meant to be for fun and should not be overly stressful. If you find yourself getting stressed out because there are too many contests, just don't do everything. Sometimes a lot will be going on--nobody's going to blame you if you can't keep up with it all.

Rules for filling out an application:

1. Please fill out everything! They're very straight forward questions and should be easy to complete. Team choices are: Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Water Tribe

2. As stated in the rules, your LJ should be 1 month old. If you have created a new journal than we might make an exception, but you must show signs of being able to navigate LiveJournal.

3. When you are placed in your team and accepted to the comm you will be invited to join both this comm and your team comm. Please accept your invitations here!

4. Please, please, please don't just skip the rules and come here. Rules are important. Go back and read them if you haven't already.

Okay! The application!

Team Status: A team will close for new applicants if member is over 3 members the team with the least members
Air Nomads - Open
Earth Kingdom - Open
Fire Nation - Open
Water Tribe - Open

We are currently in need of Fire Nation members since our cap of two members been reached. If you are interested in joining atlaland but do not want to be on Fire Nation you are still welcome to apply for other teams but you will not be placed until we get more Fire Nation members.

Participation is imperative in this community. You can't just sit idly on a team and watch the competition. You have to be a part of it.

Post your applications here!
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